Legionella is a type of bacteria, which naturally occurs and spreads in nature. The bacteria spreads fast in the water, and if it by chance enters into the water system, then the conditions will no doubt go in favour and show a significant growth of the bacteria. Legionella bacteria even reproduce until such a stage that it becomes harmful for humans. Due to this reason, this bacterium is considered a biological hazard. To find out whether the water system has legionella bacteria, examinations are done. With legionella testing, which helps in clearing out whether the water system has legionella bacteria. Without a proper assessment, legionella bacteria might turn out to be quite harmful to humans.


Legionellosis is mainly a group of illnesses, which occur due to bacteria. Once legionella bacteria affect you, you might suffer from Pontiac Fever, Legionnaires diseases, or Lochgoilhead Fever. Legionella bacteria are the only reason behind the cause of this bacterium.

There are forty different types of legionella bacteria, but among the others, legionella pneumonia is one of the most harmful diseases since it is responsible for causing ninety-per cent of infection. Since legionella is harmful and comes with plenty of diseases, therefore, it is best to opt for the legionella testing.

When talking about legionnaire disease, it is quite harmful and can even lead to death. It is a type of bacterial pneumonia and if you breathe in water droplets during the incubation period of the bacteria, the infection will affect you.

Whom Legionellosis can affect?

It has been found that the disease is more common in men. Women do affect by the disease too, but the ratio is comparatively less. The main reason behind men getting affected is due to involvement with typical occupations, lung size, etc. You will notice that either the middle-aged or the elderly ones are more susceptible to it. The main reason behind this is due to the poor immunity system.

Benefits of Legionella testing

Opting for legionella testing turns out to be quite useful since it removes the health risks as well as legal risks and sometimes, prevents the fatal outbreak of the disease too. Apart from that, regular legionella testing safeguards your health as well as well-being. Many laboratories do the job of legionella testing, which is genuine.

Periodic monitoring helps in supplementing regular maintenance programs and helps in removing any threats related to the bacteria. Both the commercial as well as residential areas should opt for the testing to prevent any major health issues.

Hence, these are some of the facts that you should know about legionella disease as well as the testing.