Network security can’t be taken in lighter note because compromising the network security will result in huge loss for the company. Number of hackers and intruders has been increased and also there are many chances of digital threats. Digital threats include virus threats, malicious programs and hacking the server through terminal of the company. These digital threats will erase the information or steal the information from the server which will be irrecoverable resulting in great loss for the business or organization. Protecting the network is one of the major concerns for large companies. Blue Coat Security Platform is the one of the best security platform founded in the year 1996. Ever since the inception of Blue Coat Security Platform many companies have been using them as they protect the network effectively. Get to know their performance from Blue Coat security platform review.


Blue Coat increases the protection for the network from all kinds of digital threats. Much number of companies started using Blue Coat Security as they find it as the one of the most reliable and beneficial network security provider for any form of digital network. Due to the various benefits of using Blue Coat Security there are frequent and constant acclaiming reviews about Blue Coat. Lately in the year 2016 Symantec has acquired Blue Coat Company and then the performance is greatly increased and widened to meet any tough threat in the network. Since from acquisition due to the increased security more companies have started implementing Blue Coat Security.

The main reason for the increased security and high network performance is because of cloud technology. Blue Coat allows the companies and organizations to use cloud server to store all the data and information. They use advance cloud based web and network security as they use proxy architecture for implementing cloud server. The traffic of the network is monitored properly to identify hackers or intruders if any. They use gate keeper who between internet and users to keep track of the network traffic.

If there is any malicious activities or programs found in the network it will be immediately removed from the network to ensure the protection of the sensitive content. ProxySG is used by Blue Coat gateway to monitor the network traffic, to evaluate the performance of the cloud usage, to avoid data and information loss and increase the security by minimizing the threats through encryption techniques. ProxySG works through the Blue Coat intelligence network to do all the monitoring and security related processes.