All of us crave to explore new places, be adventurous, have different experiences of life, and visit the places we ever have dreamt off; some of them may be from India or some abroad. After a survey, it was found that almost all the travellers across the globe have India on their wish list, and when asked about the reasons, people gave some really amazing answers about why they want to visit India. Being a country, which is the home to people coming from different backgrounds be it in terms of culture or education, this blend of cultures make India very colorful and one of the desirable countries. It is known for the extraordinary history, which includes the architectural description of the monuments, built in the reign of different kings. Some of these architectural buildings are nominated for the list of 7 Wonders of the World.

For all the travel enthusiasts, India has a lot to offer in order to explore, be it Northern India, southern region, east or west; every direction has something exciting to be explored. If you are one who loves Mother Nature and want to spend some quality time away from the hassle of life, then nothing can be better than visiting southern India, which includes some beautiful cities like Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari, Pondicherry, Mysore, etc. With so many travel portals, one can find amazing and pocket-friendly Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg tour packages.

Places to visit when visiting the southern India

Among the most recommended places in south India, Mysore is the first choice for travellers.Known as the cleanest city in India as well as cultural centre of Karnataka, this city has lot to offer which includes

  1. Mysore Maharaja Palace
  2. Karanji Lake
  3. Chamundi hills
  4. Mysore zoo
  5. KRS Dam
  6. Vrindavan Garden
  7. St Philomena Church
  8. GRS fantasy park
  9. Railway Museum
  10. SomnathPura

There are a lot more places one can cover when in Mysore.And it is highly recommended if someone is looking for a rejuvenating break, then Mysore can be the best option.Close to nature as well as the modern world, this city is a perfect blend of serenity and elegance. Also famous for the IT sector, the city is home to many high-class sources of entertainment like pubs, movie halls, etc.

When in Mysore, there is no chance of missing a visit to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. The city is home to 90% of IT professionals.During the weekdays, one can find thousands of youngsters dressed in formals with a backpack rushing toward their workplaces, but no other place can be as happening as Bangalore on weekends. After a tiring week, all these people can be seen hanging out in some top-class restaurants and pubs to prepare themselves for the coming week full of work. Other than these, Banglore is full of exciting Malls, theme-based restaurants, and even temples.

Coorg is another place that should be on the must-visit list.The place is quite serene away from the hassle of a city offering peace and calm to those who want few days of relief and break from the hectic schedule. Situated very near to the city of Bangalore, one can easily reach Coorg by personal vehicle or even there are numerous public conveniences available to make the journey easy and safe.