A seed company by the name of G13 Labs has claimed to have invented the Pineapple Express strain. It claimed it was a cross between Maui Wowie and Trainwreck, but now it is listed as Skunk x Big Bud. It is more likely that Pineapple Express as a fruity strain was renamed with the famous release of the renowned stoner comedy in 2008 by the same name to ride the movie’s hype train.

All the signs end up pointing to a Cinderella 99 hybrid, a legendary plant known to have a rotten complex pineapple phenotype and a soaring effect of Sativa, crossed with Trainwreck.

Place of Origin 

Pineapple Express first appeared in the medical dispensaries of California and has spread all across the world since. It is fair to assume that it was bred in California, but its mysterious nature makes it difficult to pin down.

Flavor and smell 

Pineapple Express is known as a fruity variety, but whether or not it smells like a pineapple has still been a matter of debate. Most of these plants do not smell like pineapples.

How can you spot it? 

While your local drug dealer might have been passing off anything that smells sweet as Pineapple Express to prey upon the unsuspecting newbies, there is, without the shadow of a doubt, a definable variety of cannabis with a similar name going all around the dispensaries. It has an approximate THC content of 15-20%.

More Info

It is relatively unremarkable and might not even smell like pineapples to one’s nose, looking different entirely depends on the person growing it and where the seed has come from. It is difficult to pin down Pineapple Express because of the lore it is surrounded by and the tendency for people to rename various strains to meet the demands of a customer.

What should you expect? 

While the variety of Pineapple Express shown in the movie comes out as a strain capable of beating the world, in reality, it is a relatively mild and non-intrusive variety. Rather than pushing one’s body and thoughts in a particular direction. Instead, it seems to go for a ride while loosening up the body and improving the mental state and mood.


Pineapple Express is a good choice for the new consumers and the people unable to handle the potency of modern super-hybrids in the market. Keep in touch for More Info