Fertility check-ups have become a vital part of our lifestyle. Suppose a couple, or even an individual, is considering their future. In that case, especially if they plan on having a baby, it is necessary to know the existing options to check your fertility. As such, we must not underestimate the importance of a fertility check up singapore

Fertility tests for men and women

There are different fertility tests that men and women can take separately. Women may take a general gynecological exam, test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, take blood tests on specific days of their menstrual cycle, take ultrasounds, or even diagnostic laparoscopy.

Men may do a semen analysis, a general urology exam, blood tests, tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, ultrasounds, post-ejaculatory urinalysis, vasography, or testicular biopsy.

Fertility tests for couples

There are fertility tests that both partners can take. Post-coital testing (PCT) and genetic karyotyping are some tests that couples can undertake.

If recurrent miscarriage is a problem, genetic karyotyping can be performed to rule out a genetic disorder that can lead to miscarriage. This is done with a simple blood test.

At-home fertility tests

You may feel tempted to buy a fertility test kit that you can use at home. For example, there are home tests for FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) that you can take. For men, there are test kits to calculate sperm order by mail.

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However, these tests cannot fully test your fertility and are not recommended. They look at one very specific aspect of reproduction. For example, a home FSH test may not tell you if your fallopian tubes are blocked. Moreover, accuracy is a cause for concern here.

Domestic FSH testing only detects high levels of FSH, which may indicate low ovarian reserves. Your levels may also be low or abnormal, and these tests may not tell you that. It is for the best if you consult a doctor.

Does the Insurance cover fertility tests?

Sometimes, insurance companies will not include tests specified for birth control purposes only. But they will include that same test for a different reason. For example, they may include diagnostic laparoscopy if you have severe menstrual cramps. But they may not cover it if it is labeled for birth control only.

It would be best if you spoke to the financial department of your fertility clinic before undergoing any fertility tests. Specify what will be included and what will not be included. You do not want to be surprised by the big bill.

Fertility check-ups Singapore are a vital part of healthcare. Depending on your convenience or health, you can choose to avail of any fertility test that you wish to. However, it is also important to consult a gynecologist if you have any doubts.