Given the current economy, it’s no surprise that most people can no longer afford to buy a new car. You can try to get a loan, but by far, the safest option is to find a used car. If you want to save time and save time when buying a used car, read on. You can check dozens of things by looking at used cars, but it will take a lot longer than most people. This guide lists four things to check when buying a used car: vehicle history, exhaust fumes, brakes, and interior. It takes very little time and gives you a good idea of ​​what type of car you will buy.

Vehicle history

It is the easiest thing to look at when buying used cars in phoenix. Services,which are always being advertised, exist to make this as easy as possible. Any decent and respectable dealer will be able to provide the history of the car. Also, ask for service books and manuals. If they don’t give you the information, you should probably leave. You can run your history check using the VIN number. Either way, you’re looking for a car that didn’t have an accident or didn’t need any serious work.

Exhaust smoke

You should ask the dealer to start the car while looking at the exhaust pipe. You want some white steam to come out of the car. You should not blow smoke from the tailpipe unless you are looking at the diesel, in which case some black smoke is acceptable at first. White smoke usually indicates engine malfunction.


Another essential thing to check on a used car is the brakes. To be convinced of this, you will need to take the car for a test drive. What you need to do is get the car into a non-movement area, then accelerate at 30 mph and apply the brakes. You don’t want to do it hard enough to slide, but you need to slow down quickly. If the brakes vibrate or make strange noises, they must be replaced. If there is a problem with the brakes, you should probably leave; While they are easy to repair, they usually indicate a vehicle that has not been adequately maintained.


When it comes to what to check when buying a used car, it is not given as much attention as it should be. Here you are looking for the discrepancy between vehicle interior and mileage. If the car has a low mileage and badly worn interior, this is a sign of poor maintenance or a fake odometer. On the other hand, if it has many miles and the interior is as good as new, it could signify that the car belonged to someone who took care of it.

At the end

When looking for a car, you have to see it in person. If you don’t know much about machines, try learning the basics to remember. When shopping for used car, check these four things: car history, exhaust smoke, brakes, and interior. It creates the best know-how on  ​​the quality of the car you are buying.