Industrial products need deep markings either to show the name of the company it belongs to or to engrave some important information about the product on the product itself. Not only this, products that are produced in the industries may need some shaping to work efficiently for which it is designed. Product details such as the item number and other identification details are also engraved on the products. However, it is difficult to engrave easily on the products that are made of metals with the normal engraving tools. To make the markings engraved on the products at a deeper level, industries use uv laser engraving machine. These machines are widely used in industries for the same purpose.

How do this machine works

  • The uv laser engraving machine uses laser engraving technology to engrave the metal workpieces that are exposed to various surface treatments.
  • In this process, the engraving machine vaporizes the metal into its gaseous state thus, leaving a permanent mark on the metal. The laser beam that is released from the machine acts as a chisel on the metal workpieces as it scrapes out the layers of the metal layers to create the markings on it. In the area on which the laser hits the metal surface, a large amount of heat energy is released that leads tovapourization of the area leaving the markings.
  • The characteristic feature of this process is that it can engrave 2D codes that have high readability rates after post-treatments. However, if the engraving on the metal is highly resistant, laser etching is used to create marking on it.

Benefits of using this machine

Some of the benefits of using this machine are as follows:

  • They are very versatile and work with a lot of different types of materials such as wood, plastics, metals. That is why they are used in all types of industries. However, the power and some other features of the machine differ when they work with different materials.
  • They are very precise in producing markings. The diameter of the tube from where the laser beam is released is very small to increase the precision of the machine. This helps in engraving fine details on the material.
  • These machines are easy to use and are also quite safe. Hence can be used by people working in the industry with little experience.

Thus, these machines are used quite extensively in the industry to create engravings in the materials.