In the past few years, hardwood flooring is making a comeback. Many houses and property owners are opting for hardwood flooring again, making them the most sought after and standard flooring option now. Previously, when a property owner decided to have them, they had to choose between cost-effective laminate flooring and real hardwood flooring, which is relatively expensive, but elegant. Very few people are aware of the third category of flooring called “engineered flooring”. One can find engineered flooring in Sydney very easily. Most of the flooring services also provide installation and maintenance.

Engineered flooring has so many advantages over traditional hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. Below is a walk through all of them.

  1. Cost

A significant advantage of engineered floors is that they are more affordable than hardwood floors. The cost of engineered floors is lower as they aren’t made of solid wood, allowing one to get the luxurious look of hardwood floors at a reduced price. This makes it an affordable option for many buyers. The investment is worthy as they are almost impossible to be distinguished from hardwood floors. They also give the same value as hardwood floors with the added advantage of being low maintenance and reliable, making it a popular choice amongst prospective property owners. These floors are long-lasting, and an average individual cannot tell the difference.

  1. Durability

Engineered floors consist of multiple materials. The top layer is often solid wood, but the other layers consist of plywood, making it more resilient to damage from moisture, dust, and spills. This resilience makes engineered floors most suitable for humid climatic conditions or in rooms where moisture is predominantly present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. These floors are also of high density, making them very strong, traffic resistant, and durable.

engineered flooring in Sydney

  1. Finishing

Unlike hardwood floors, one can sand engineered floors after installation. It all depends upon the thickness of the top layer of the solid wood. If the top layer is of suitable thickness, the floor can be sanded multiple times during its lifetime which can be a great way of getting rid of stains, spills, and making the floor look new.

Since the floor also comes in various grades, finishes, and species, one can choose what works best for their budget and aesthetics, thereby offering many choices and options.

  1. Look

Solid wood comprises one big log of wood. In contrast, engineered floors include multiple layers of plywood, giving you the option of going for wider boards with fewer joints without breaking your bank account, something that is impossible to do with solid wood floors. This gives the added advantage of the floor looking smooth and uniform. It also makes it easy to install and clean.

It also comes in two styles or finishes already! One can choose between parquet and chevron finishes, allowing them to finish a customized personal project in no time.

  1. Ease

When compared to solid floors, engineered floors are easy to install. One can carry out a DIY project without a hitch if they are handy with essential tools and equipment. They are also easy to maintain because of how dense they are. A regular scheduled vacuum and mopping would keep them looking new for years.

To sum it up, engineered flooring in Sydney is a great choice when you desire to have the best of solid wood as well as laminate floors, making them the perfect combination of classy and affordable!