An electric vehicle is more known as an EV. It operates on an electric motor instead of an internal-combustion engine. There are plenty of electric cars for sale in San Diego. These are now considered a possible replacement for the current automobile trend. It is a great solution to address the issue of rising pollution and global warming. The concept of electric vehicles has been in circulation for such a long time already. This concept has drawn a considerable amount of interest in the past years amid a rising carbon footprint. There are several great benefits electric vehicles offer.

More affordable to run

Owning an electric vehicle has much lower running costs. Buying petrol costs so much more than charging an EV. There are several fuel cost savings calculators available online if you need any.

Lower maintenance cost

There are fewer moving parts in a battery-electric vehicle than in conventional petrol or diesel cars. Little servicing would be necessary. There are no expensive exhaust systems, radiators, starter motors, and fuel injection systems. Conventional petrol/diesel cars have many other parts that are not needed in an electric vehicle. You only need to worry about the rotor, the only moving part in an electric vehicle. Maintaining the brakes, tires, and suspension would be enough for an electric car. A BEV is simple and very strong. The battery will wear out and will need replacement, but that will take about eight years or so. Most vehicles with a petrol engine need regular servicing. The result is more costs for maintenance.

Less pollution

Driving an electric vehicle allows you to help reduce harmful air pollution. Exhaust emissions from conventional petrol/diesel cars are not great for the environment. An electric vehicle has no exhaust emissions at all.

Car-buying Tips

Renewable energy

It is best to use renewable energy for charging your electric vehicle. You will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions even further this way. Instead of from the grid, you can recharge from your solar PV system during the day. Purchasing a GreenPower from an electricity retailer will also be ideal. 

Excellent materials for the environment

Eco-friendly production and materials for electric vehicles are becoming a hot trend nowadays. One of the significant innovations today is the Ford Focus Electric. Manufacturers used recycled materials and bio-based materials for the padding. Another excellent work is the interior and bodywork of the Nissan Leaf. These are from green materials such as recycled plastic bags, old car parts, and water bottles. They even used second-hand old home appliances.

Safety improvements

Several electric vehicle features can improve safety. The lower center of gravity of an electric vehicle makes it less likely to roll over. It also has a lower risk of major fires or explosions. The body construction and durability of an electric automobile provide more safety in case of a collision.

Health benefits

Driving an electric vehicle contributes to better air quality. It leads to fewer health problems and costs caused by air pollution. An electric car is also quieter than most petrol/diesel vehicles. It produces less noise pollution.