A business needs constant communication to keep it on top. Without communication, chaos ensues because everyone is not on the same page. If you own a business with many employees, make sure that everyone is working in complete autonomy but at the same time, working collectively with an utmost understanding about everyone’s role through Groupe.io’s internal business communication tool and workflow automation software. These tools are there to help you better communicate with your employees, even those on the frontline. It will also help you manage your and your employees’ work with a few clicks.

If you are looking for a way to upgrade and give your business a better tool to keep everything in check, Groupe.io can help you with that. If you want to ensure a better working environment for everyone, the first step is to establish strong communication while delegating the more important tasks first automatically. You can do this remotely with the help of Groupe.io.

internal business communication tool

Communicate & Relate with Your Employees with a Simple Tool

The internal communication tool is designed to work as an app, which everybody can utilize easily and more effectively. With the help of this tool, employees can easily find important information on their feeds. You can post announcements, milestones, and surprises for them to read. Turn on the push notifications to send out real-time alerts to all employees for maximum reach. Pin important and relevant information on top of everyone’s feed to make sure your employees are reminded of it every day. You can also check who has read the post and make sure everyone is aware of it.

The communication tool also allows you to create separate groups per department, location, or role. It helps prevent information overload and employees can easily access the information through the platform. Lastly, remove the language barrier and let employees understand critical information to ensure that everyone is on the same page for a healthier and more productive work environment.

Managing Workflow Has Never Been this Easy

Groupe.io’s workflow automation software is one of the best to ensure you are on top of your tasks. It allows you to control your tasks and make custom multi-step workflows to help you gain control of your more important tasks. You become more consistent with your work and receive more predictable outcomes because of the ideal routine you made for yourself. You are more efficient thanks to the paperless approval processes. You can approve requests from your employees through digital approvals. You also become more productive by tracking work status and know what needs to be done right away.

Your employees can have better collaboration, thanks to the software. Employees can draft plans, communicate and work with colleagues, save unfinished drafts, and easily delegate them to colleagues who can pick up from where they left off. Working with a team makes them more productive because several minds are working as one to complete a job.