Living in Singapore, you could enjoy seasonal, fresh seafood fish at an affordable price, and it was easy to buy fish online singapore .However, Singapore is the most difficult part of this. A place where people who like sashimi, and sake gather, is “fish kingfish king”.

Impressive power “9 points plate

One of the charms is the good spirit of assorting more than 9 kinds of fish while saying it is a 9-point plate. The variety of sashimi platters with lean meat, white meat, blue fish, crab miso, and a variety of dishes is exciting just to watch. The 9-point sashimi dish, which is hard to see in Singapore, makes you want to share that excitement with your friends.

A place that is not too fashionable can be calm

The fish is in a restaurant with a dim sum shop, and it is a space with a strong local color. It is not an atmosphere that makes you feel the cramped atmosphere that Singapore’s food tends to have but it is a popular atmosphere. So, there is no doubt that it will be a place where old men can calm down.

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The famous sake of each place is staggered

If you have fresh seafood, of course, there are a lot of famous sake from all over the city on the side. To give one example, Yamaguchi prefecture’s “Shion festival” has various stocks. Such as “wind forest” in nara prefecture and “kudoki skill” in Yamagata prefecture, and a lineup ranging from standard sake to popular taste. In addition, high-end brands such as Junmai diamino of Iwate prefecture’s famous sake “southern beauty” are also on standby. For seafood with outstanding freshness and the highest quality, it is sake after all. This combination is exempt from any doubt about.

The popular oyster fry set meal and the aji fry set meal for lunch are difficult to eat at an affordable price at other restaurants in Singapore, but you can easily eat them after hunting for a few shops. In addition, rice and salad for the set meal are free to substitute, so if you are lamenting the lack of vegetables (old man), please use them for lunch.

All-you-can-drink is also being offered

Although it is not advertised greatly, they also develop a course with all-you-can-drink drinks. When booking with 4 or more people. It is ok to add “with the all-you-can-drink course”. Without worrying about your wallet, you can enjoy the food and alcohol with the fish.