To most people, the kitchen is the heart of their home; where they spend quality time with their family, friends, and loved ones. The kitchen shouldn’t only be an area of production; it should also be an area of preservation and protection of these memories. Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment or a huge mansion, no one can deny that kitchens can get messy quickly, especially when storing and organizing things like pots, pans, plates, cutlery, utensils, spices and more. Over the door organizer for kitchen are great ways to store practically everything you need while keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

Hanging Shoe Rack

A shoe rack may not seem like an organizing necessity, but it will be if you have a small closet or lack space in your kitchen. Shoe racks can be hung on an inside door of your closet or in front of your pantry to hold shoes. They are useful because they’re not only easy to install, but they also save space.

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Sliding Pot Lid Organizer

A sliding pot lid organizer is an easy way to keep your pots, pans, lids, and utensils organized. Whether it is in the kitchen or other areas of your home, such as your bedroom or garage, this simple solution can help with storage problems. Simply mount it over any standard door (or on any wall) and use it to store items vertically. This type of over the door organizer for kitchen is convenient because you can quickly see what you have stored inside without having to open drawers or cabinets.

Egg Carton Holder

Egg cartons can be used to hold anything from spices to office supplies. They are perfect for kitchen organizers because they take up very little space, yet allow you to store a lot of items. All you need is an egg carton, scissors, and some glue or double-sided tape. Cut off the top of the egg carton so that it is at least six inches long with one end open.

Magazine Holder

One of the most popular over-the-door organizers is a magazine holder. Simply hang it on your kitchen door and place your magazines inside. This is an easy way to keep them out of sight, but still close at hand. You can also use this as storage for other items like paper towels or toiletries.