Food wastage is a serious problem worldwide. It is unfair when we think about 30% of the population on planet Earth is not able to get proper food aids and while the others are wasting food. To reduce this problem our organization has started with the clean plate campaign. We have initiated this concept in many of the schools where the students were educated about this and they followed the clean plate method. Most of the students while they are having their food insist on taking only that much amount which they can eat. If they are getting their lunch from home they tell their parents to pack their boxes with a minimal amount of food which can be eaten by them and not wasted. The food wasted means the preparation behind it and the cooking time behind it is wasted. The agriculture time is also considered to be wasted because it is completely going in vain. Many people do not have the privilege to have food every day. So when you have the food on your plate treasure it and eat mindfully. This campaign was started in the year 2013 by this organization. The main reason behind this was to raise awareness of the society and the environmental impact of food waste. Inculcation of mindful eating on the students is one of the methods to reduce food wastage. The campaign against food wastage singapore is considered to be practically implemented and was a successful one.

campaign against food wastage singapore

The country of Singapore generates a lot of food waste which sums up to 800 tons in the year 2017. This is assumed to be the wastage of two bowls of food that could feed a single person daily. This is the reason why  Food from the Heart insists on the clean plate campaign. This campaign has made an exponential increase in fulfilling its task. The team of Food from the Heart believes that habits can be inculcated from a very young age. Finishing the food on one’s plate and taking the food which is enough for you should be a primary habit that has to be learned from the primary school itself. Such kind of healthy habits which are practiced by the students make the future very self-sustained. Along with the campaign if the students also learn the act of giving or donating it will make them feel more human. Food from the heart provides many opportunities for school students to engage in the voluntary service of food distribution. The Clean Plate campaign against food wastage singapore was one of the most successful campaigns from Food from the Heart. Practicing this concept worldwide can brilliantly reduce all the food wastage problem and make the world a better place to live.