With our population growing all the time, space is at a premium. This is especially true for those of us that live in the city. Living in a small flat can make us feel claustrophobic, and it can be frustrating to just never have quite enough space in which to keep our belongings and not feel cramped. So how can we make our home not only look bigger, but feel bigger too?

Spaced out furniture

The inclination when arranging furniture in a small room is to press it all into the furthest corners and up against the walls. Conversely though, angling the furniture just a little can give an illusion of more space. The eyes tell the brain, look, we do have space in this room to play with.

Huge furniture. Yes really!

One large, confidently placed sofa beats three chairs every time. Keep your furniture off the floor too. Buy a sofa with legs and it will float in the space rather than steal it.

Space saving furniture

If your extended family descend once a week for dinner, but mostly it is just the two of you, invest in a table with drop-down sides.

Clever furniture – making it work hard

Investigate multi-functional furniture. That ottoman is a seat whilst it stores your blankets, but there are far more clever inventions on the market too. With many of us living in small flats and needing to maximise our space, there has been a lot of progress in multi-functional design. HomEdit has some great ideas in this area.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors, of course, make a room look twice as big, whilst reflecting available light around the room.

Naked windows

Keep your windows bare and beautiful. Keep them in good order, and if they need replacing, those of you who live in Dublin windows and doors experts http://www.keanewindows.ie/ should be your first port of call. Large heavy drapes must go! If you need privacy, sheer drapes are the answer.

Let there be light

Whilst dark colours can be intriguing and cosy, pale colours will always maximise the impression of space. Keeping the palette simple and monochrome also helps.

Except on the ceiling

A great space-giving illusion is to paint the ceiling a darker colour. It gives the illusion of more height.