To produce a powerful, steady light, the right kind of bulb is required. To make the house more appealing, the perfect bulb is needed to give that perfect lighting to your house or event. There are a wide variety of bulbs that are present for the users to make the house perfect. In order to choose the perfect bulb, it’s required to get aware of the available options is that you can make a right decision for your lighting system. Every light adds a different feel to the scene.

Incandescent Lamps

These are oval-shaped lamps that were normally used in the 20th century. These lamps work on heat. The bulb glows when electricity is supplied to it and it eats up the filament inside the lamp. The reason that a constant heat is supplied is to make the bulb glow. The bulb was used in many households.However, because of the same reason; the energy consumption is very high in these bulbs. Hence, LED bulbs have the same efficiency yet LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than this bulb.

Compact fluorescent lamps as a replacement

To look into the power consumption of incandescent lamps, the compact fluorescent lamps that were made consumed far less energy and gave the same output. These lamps used mercury to light up the room. It does not heat up as in the case of incandescent lamps.

Halogen lamps for deeper light

These lamps are used to have an increased brightness. These can be used for outdoors to focus on an object or can be used for security purposes. Well, these lamps can also be used to add detailing to an object. These lamps use tungsten filaments and are surrounded by inert gases and halogens.

Light Emitting Diode the cost-effective

LED lamps are a semiconductor lamp that used electrons to display its light. The continuous movement of electrons in the diode makes the lamp light up. These lamps are the best ones to be used in a lighting system. LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy, which is very less, and the lamps last for years. To redefine your homes, these lights have a variety of colours that make your home look amazing. Moreover, the light colour that they produce is not because of color filters. However, the colors of these lights are generally high but it’s worth it looking into the durability of the light.


These are the lamps that you can use to light up your room. All have a different colour and intensity. Look for every detail of the lamps before installing them in your home.