Deprivation of parental rights is the legal means by which unscrupulous parents are deprived of some or all rights and obligations of the child. There is one exception: regardless of the circumstances, they cannot be deprived of child’s support obligations. If you want to learn more about about michelle johal and the services they provide, you came to the right place. Here you will find all the answers.

Deprivation of parental rights is a measure of child protection from parents who do not have the ability to take care of the child. Depending on the degree of neglect of their duties, a parent may be deprived of parental rights entirely or partially.

Full deprivation

In this case, the parent loses all rights and duties towards the child, except for maintenance obligations. The reasons for the complete withdrawal of parental rights may be:

    physical, sexual or emotional abuse of a child;

    forcing the child to excessive work, work prohibited by law or the work that endangers the child’s life;

    encouraging child into criminal activity;

    child getting used to bad practices – for example, the use of drugs;

    abandoning a child;

    preventing maintenance of the relationship between the child and the parent with whom the child lives;

    other forms of serious neglect or abuse of parental rights.

If the situation requires, the court may, with the verdict on deprivation of parental rights, adopt one of the measures of protection from domestic violence.

Partly deprivation

If there are no reasons for the complete withdrawal of parental rights, but it is still a “negligent performance of the rights and obligations of theparental rights,” the court will resort to a milder extent so as to deprive the parents of one or more rights / duties. In accordance with the nature of the problem, the court is free to set a partial deprivation of parental rights.

Restoring parental rights

Under very specific circumstances – if the court determines that the reasons for which the parent was fully or partially deprived of parental rights no longer exist, and that these reasons will not reappear – a parent gain back the right he/ she was taken away.


The parent is deprived of parental rights in judicial proceedings, only when there is a special charge. This action may be filed by a child, a parent, a public prosecutor or guardianship authority – municipal center for social work. This does not mean that others have the right to look away to the other side when they see that something is wrong: everyone who sees that parents are mistreating their child should immediately report it to the authorities. No child deserves to be mistreated, there are no justified reasons for that type of behavior. So, the next time you notice something like that, report it and make sure that the child is protected. You can provide them protection if it is needed, until the authorities come.