Are you investing in gold?

If so, you will become part of the 11% of Americans owning this precious metal. It’s a reliable option for portfolio diversification since it’s more stable than most investments.

However, this industry suffers from misinformation. As a smart investor, your first move is to dispel these myths. The problem is learning where to start.

The good news is our guide can help. Read on as we dispel some of the most common misconceptions about gold investments.

Gold Is Money

The argument of whether gold is money is moot. After all, both financial institutions and individuals demand the precious metal.

For example, around half of the gold demand comes from jewelry shops. It means these businesses don’t intend to use it as currency. After all, a fancy gold necklace can show your wealth without becoming a currency.

Also, the dentistry and technological sectors demand gold. The former uses it for dental crowns while the latter for computer chips.

Avoid Owning Physical Gold

Keeping physical gold is bothersome since the entire owning process is expensive. Buying it means paying a markup, whether from a dealer or the U.S. Mint. Meanwhile, you must invest in a safe or a bank deposit box to keep it secure.

However, all these are worth your time when bad situations happen. For example, a financial collapse can cause fiat currencies to become worthless. It could cause your gold to become more valuable.

It’s a bad practice to convert all your wealth into gold. However, it’s always a good idea to own some precious metals.

Gold Is an Awful Investment

Gold as an investment often experiences extreme price swings due to market volatility. However, the metal has a limited supply and is easily exchangeable into cash. It’s a type of wealth with an investor sentiment-driven price.

As such, the real question isn’t whether gold is a sound investment. It’s all about the reason you’re investing in the first place. If you’re expanding your investment portfolio, gold is a vital choice.

The caveat is to keep the percentage small. Never invest and wait for the right timing for the price swing. Consider looking at the daily gold spot price for the best deals.

You Can Only Invest in Physical Gold or Miners

Never limit yourself with gold ETFs and gold miners. You can also try streaming companies. They give cash to miners to get the rights for buying precious metals in the future.

You will agree to a contract to ensure reduced rates. In most cases, it’s below the current spot price.

Start Investing in Gold Now

These are some common myths when investing in gold. Use these to make the most out of the precious metals industry.

However, debunking these is only the beginning. Look for a great gold supplier to make the most out of your monetary investment.

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