Being a small business owner does not mean you have to spend a lot on marketing and brand promotions. With direct marketing strategies, you can boost lead conversions and earn consistent returns on investments with success. These strategies help you communicate directly with your customer with a specific business message. The popular forms of direct marketing channels for your business are texts, emails, phone calls, social media marketing, and others.

Daniel Klibanoff – How are direct marketing strategies essential for your small business campaigns?

Small business owners should never shy away from embracing direct marketing strategies for promoting their products/services to the targeted audience. Daniel Klibanoff is a successful serial entrepreneur from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, and an expert in marketing strategies. According to him, direct marketing must be a part of your fundamental strategy for consistent business growth and success.

You should be creative with your marketing message

Direct marketing helps you to reach out to the targeted audience with a customized marketing message. However, you must ensure this message resonates with your customer, or else the purpose of the campaign will be defeated.

You need to know the customer profile well

You need to identify the customer profile correctly for the success of your direct marketing campaign. In order to do this, you should divide your customers into different groups based on their buying patterns, interests, location, gender, age, and other relevant factors. Once you have identified the targeted audience, your next step is to create the content for your direct marketing campaign.

The content of your message should be clear and precise

There are several channels for direct marketing, like emails, social media marketing, online display ads, and more. In order to get your message across to the right customer, identify their location before you send the message. The content of the business message should be precise and short. Customers are savvy and do not have time to read long messages. The language should be clear in your business message with a strong CTA (call-to-action).

Emails should have a short and clear sales pitch

When you are sending emails, the sales pitch should be strong with the offer mentioned clearly in the subject line of the mail. Your CTA should be visible, and its link to your product page should work. Broken links create a bad impression for your business and the bounce rates for your site increase.

Your business website is a potent direct marketing tool – Optimize it wisely

Your site should be optimized for the purpose of direct marketing, so ensure the ad pop-ups are relevant to the customer’s interest. At the same time, they should not be annoying, so check their frequently, and make the necessary corrections to avoid visitor frustration.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, you should regularly experiment and test your direct marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. In this way, you can modify an ongoing campaign to make it perform better for your business successfully.