Of all the paid marketing methods digital marketing offers, PPC advertising on search engines is by far the most popular. Many professionals establish their entire career based on knowledge of Google Ads and PPC alone. In the modern marketing world, PPC is the equivalent of TV or newspaper advertising.

Why is paid search so important? It doesn’t take a genius to know that people use search engines like Google for the smallest queries these days. Paid search offers a way to tap into the reach of search engines. By crafting ads for specific search queries, advertisers can make sure they use their marketing budget to reach their audience directly and get more conversions and a better ROI.

These crafty ads on search engines are usually placed on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis. There are many ways a PPC campaign can be improved. In this article, we discuss crucial tips to improve the performance of a PPC campaign.

Negative Keywords

The success of a PPC campaign lies in how many times the ad can appear in front of the target audience. Adding negative keywords to a PPC campaign makes sure that an ad doesn’t appear in front of non-relevant people, thus improving CTR and overall quality score.

Many PPC marketers ignore negative keywords. This is a rookie’s mistake as negative keywords ensure that an ad reaches a narrow target audience most likely to be converted.


Some studies say that a customer needs to see a brand’s marketing message seven times before making a purchase. Other studies say it’s more than twenty times. In any case, any normal prospect needs to see a brand’s message more than once before making a purchase.

This makes remarketing an important part of a PPC campaign. Remarketing features allow advertisers to reach people who have previously interacted with the brand in some form, either by clicking on a search ad or abandoning an enquiry form of purchase. The chances of such people getting converted are naturally high which is why advertisers should consider adding remarketing to their PPC campaign.

In Conclusion

PPC marketing is an efficient and modern way to advertise brands and their commodities to the right audience. Given the nature of marketing, PPC is a good way to promote something digitally while ensuring that the money being invested is actually reaching the audience. In this article, we discussed how PPC campaigns can be improved to drive more conversions and level-up performance.

About the Author – Harshad Mediratta is a well-known expert in digital marketing with history in the profession going back more than a decade. He also serves as a mentor and consultant for DelhiCourses.in. Best known for its digital marketing course in Delhi, the institute also provides sound programs in cybersecurity and business analytics.