Financial savings for the future should be done to keep our future safe. Life has mysterious ways of testing us. So it is always good to be prepared. The critical illness protection hong kong is a protection plan that helps us financially strong when the need arises.

What does critical illness protection Hong Kong cover?

Any person, whether young or old, can go through this difficult situation. When you suddenly know that you have been diagnosed with cancer, your whole world crumbles. So be prepared financially, where you don’t have to depend on others for financial support. The protection plan covers the following illnesses:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

The benefits of the protection plan

  • it gives you confidence that you don’t have to depend on anyone for the treatment of cancer, stroke, or heart attack
  • free DNA testing so that you can do the needful when the results arrive
  • the plan provides with extended coverage for your children with up to HK$ 300,000
  • the total amount of coverage is HK $ 100,000 to HK$ 2,500,000
  • the issue age is 18 – 65; you can apply anytime between these age gaps
  • the maximum coverage you get is until 85 years of age
  • the term period for this plan is 5years to 10 years
  • the critical illness benefit is 100% of the sum assured
  • the children’s critical illness benefit is 50% of the sum assured to a maximum of 300,000 per child

Apart from the above, the compassionate death benefit is 105% of the premiums you have paid in total for the current policy benefit term.

Critical Illness Protection Hong Kong

The things those are included in the policy 

  • you have a guaranteed policy renewal without any questions being asked about your health
  • unchanged premiums during the payment period

Certain things that are not covered in the plan

  • if you have any medical conditions before the start of the policy or if you have any defects by birth, these will not be covered by the plan
  • any illness caused by the intake of alcohol and drugs that was not prescribed by the doctor will not be covered
  • if the death is by suicide within one year of the policy issue date will be excluded from the cover, but the premiums paid for the current plan will be refunded

So if you are covered by the protection plan Hong Kong, you can keep your head high even at the time of illness without getting any help from your friends or family members.

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