The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in considerable changes in workplace protocols around the world. Facilities worldwide have been forced to look at their cleaning routines, and disinfecting the premises has become a full-time job. If you are about to reopen your business, you need to understand and comply with the CDC guidelines. That means you have to follow a set of rules when it comes to cleaning the premises. You can check out sites like to know more. Here is a brief overview.

  1. Find Out What Needs to be Cleaned

It would be best if you determined what needs to be cleaned in your facility. Focus on areas with maximum exposure to outsiders like the reception area, waiting room, and general workplace chambers where most employees work together. Next, check the CDC guidelines to ensure if there are any specific cleaning requirements in your area. While cleaning, you have to consider what kind of surfaces they are and how often they are touched.

  1. Using FDA Approved Cleaners

It would help if you only used EPA or Environment Protection Agency-approved disinfectants while cleaning your facility’s surfaces or those with FDA approval. Follow the label’s directions to ensure that you follow the best cleaning practices to gain maximum efficiency with the cleaners. It is also essential to clean all visibly dirty and messy places with soap and water and then proceed with disinfectants for maximum efficiency.

  • Use of Protective Gear


While cleaning the surfaces, make sure you enroll professional cleaners who are well versed in cleaning and sanitizing protocols. According to CDC guidelines, it is mandatory to use protective gear and use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while disinfecting public places. Only professionals have access to PPE, which meets the guidelines, and they know how best to use them to prevent further infection. Used PPEs should also be disposed of and sent for cleaning, as per the policies.

  1. Cleaning Outdoor Surfaces

Outdoor surfaces should also be cleaned regularly with soap and water. Hard surfaces like wood, plastic, or metal should be sprayed with disinfecting sprays at regular intervals. The facility should be careful not to leave disinfectants and to clean agents outside unattended. If possible, outdoor surfaces should be kept wet with disinfectant for some time before wiping them off while wearing gloves. Do not dilute disinfectants and cleaning agents unless stated on the label.

  1. Screening Staff Members

Despite regularly cleaning the facility according to CDC guidelines, you need to screen your employees regularly. If the symptoms of the coronavirus are detected, follow the local quarantine guidelines. It is important to remember that even if the facility is being regularly disinfected, it is still vital that the staff and the rest of the people entering the premises use hand sanitizers or wash hands with soap and water. They should also wear masks, and the facility should ensure that everyone maintains social distancing.

Following CDC guidelines will help you to deal with the coronavirus efficiently and keep infection at bay. Ensure certain places in the facility like the canteen and cafes strictly adhere to the CDC guidelines while making and serving food. Regular and timely inspections will make sure that everyone follows the guidelines in the facility.