What are carrier bags?

Carrier bags are bags that were made up of either plastic or paper for holding the purchased materials. It is also referred to as a shopping or a retail bag. The plastic carrier bags are made up of polyethylene which has a lower density and they hold up the materials better than the paper bags. Even in extreme weather conditions like rain, the plastic bags have an upper hand over the paper bags. The plastic bags can be reused or recycled along with the plastic containers. There are some basic types of carrier bags:-

  • Punched or patched carriers in which the handle is punched on the top of the bad. This bag has higher strength and can be used to carry larger weights.
  • The Varigauge carriers are similar to the patch handle carriers but instead are made from a thicker material and as we go down they get thinner.
  • The clip close carriers are made up of polythene with an executive style with a rigid handle.

The common materials used to make the carrier bags are plastics, paper, cotton, and biodegradable materials. The printed cotton bags are gaining popularity in recent times since they are both useful and have an aesthetic appeal. 

Advantages of cotton carrier bags

Since plastic has taken over the planet and has extensive harmful effects on it, carrier bags that are made up of natural fibers are gaining popularity. Paying heeds towards the environment, many companies have started to bring up the cotton carrier bags because it has several advantages over the plastic bags often used. The cotton carrier bags were then worked upon and nowadays the printed cotton bags have replaced the basic cotton carrier bags. The benefits of using cotton carrier bags are mentioned below:-

  • They add on to the clean and green environment as they are reusable and eco-friendly.
  • One can also customize their own cotton carry bags in many companies according to their choices which enhances the look of the bag.
  • The cotton bags are usually lighter in weight and it becomes easier to hold and carry the bag. The straps can also be adjusted according to the height and comfort of the user in the cotton carrier bags.
  • Though cotton is light in weight it is very strong and durable and enables the user to carry maximum weight without wear and tear.
  • There is also a large variety of cotton carry bags available and there are many attractive variants of the bag.

Considering the current climate condition, there is a dire need for conserving the green environment and therefore the need to replace the harmful plastic bags has also increased.