You can draw the hand the hand sketches with free hands or trace them with photographs. Using a hand sketch you can develop your own unique digital illustrations.  The classes will help you to learn the process of converting your pen drawing to a vector illustration. The requirements are race paper, pen, a camera or Smartphone, adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Each and every lesson in the class is broken down into small pieces so that it will be easy for the students to follow and they can see here now and apply the techniques to their own designs.

hand sketches


The course of the project is to create a digital sketch using either a photograph or base sketch.  Once the students are done with their final products in the illustration then they can use them as posters. They can also frame them and them to an online portfolio. The student can upload his original sketch and also the final graphic sketch.


The quick tutorial available at skillshare will help you to it in a better way compared to others.  When he is doing the processes as he is able to understand learn the process of illustrating the digital art from your hand sketch. It may sometimes depend on the grasping power of the student. We should try to understand that every child is unique in his own way.


It is the responsibility of the parent to motivate their children to do what they are interested in rather than forcing them to do what they do not like. The classes will provide an excellent opportunity for the students who are really interested to develop their skills in different categories.

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