What makes construction site video surveillance so important

Construction site security should be taken seriously, and although each job will present its own unique situations and different risks, there are some basic practices that a construction business owner can implement in order to prevent the occurrences of major injuries or losses.

Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns for those working among the construction industry, and theft and vandalism cost the industry billions of dollars every year. There are, however, many different types of protection that can be used to improve the security of construction job sites. While securing a construction site is something that should be done on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of that specific construction site and the area in which it sits, many construction site owners can best secure their sites in a few of the following methods, such as:

–         Construction Site Video Surveillance

–         Construction Site Video Monitoring

The construction industry often finds quality work and at times can be lucrative for the business owner and its employees, however, the dangers inherent in the industry cannot be ignored, and it is up to construction business owners to do everything in their power to prevent and alleviate those dangers.

Every year, tens of thousands of construction workers are injured on the job, and around 1,000 will die. While the majority of these injuries are caused by simple accidents, many others could have been prevented absent from the carelessness or negligence of someone else, as safety regulations are often ignored, and dangerous equipment remains unserviced. For these reasons, it is very important for construction site security to be up-to-date and for construction business owners to not take such security measures lightly.

Video Monitoring

Construction Site Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is likely the most effective form of construction site security due to the many options it presents to site managers. Having visible video cameras may be deterrents for potential thieves, and using video equipment with the right features and proper resolution will lead to a higher capture rate of vandals and thieves. Cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom in real-time, presenting site managers with the flexibility they need to protect their site and their equipment. Moreover, video analytics can help in poorly lit areas, and some camera systems even come with speakers so that the site manager can address the intruder from a remote location in real-time to talk them out of continuing the action, saving time for law enforcement, the thief, and the site manager. Mobile surveillance units are also an option, granting the site manager the opportunity to survey the site from any location, presenting maximum flexibility and potential for any construction site.

Construction Site Video Monitoring

Professional video monitoring is another form of protection a construction site can use, as it involves the use of trained professionals who will monitor the site knowing what to look for and how to react to any lawbreakers, and the monitors can dispatch the relevant authorities when needed and continue to monitor the site when no one is there anymore.