Digital art is basically an art form that was made with the help of technology. It’s about losing the usual medium like paper or canvass and instead a person draws and makes art in their electronic drawing devices. This is the technology’s take on how it elevated and even made artform very convenient for artists use and true enough many artists has been fond of using these mediums.

From comics drawings to paintings, digital art can mimic every tool that the artists needs, leaving only the artist bringing his drawing tablet, pen, and skills. Back in the day when painters would want to paint something, there are 2 things that they always carry, a suitcase with all their tools including their lunch and their canvass stand. Today you don’t necessarily need to bring a canvas stand and the suitcase has already been replaced with just one tablet and pen that can mimic a lot of things from pencil to a brush, how cool is that?

Will digital art replace traditional art? Because of this emerging trend, people would think if it’s really possible to eliminate traditional art when digital art becomes very popular. The answer is not likely. Because traditional art is a different medium on its own. Aside from most art classes still teach traditional art, kids that are discovering how to draw, how to paint and all that are more inclined to hone traditional art rather than digital since it’s almost the same way as learning how to write. Aside from that, the technology still has its limitations like a broken screen, broken pen, low battery life and all that technological weakness that doesn’t really apply most of the time in any given situation.

What can digital art do? While undeniably that digital art does take a few students from the traditional art, digital art is safely what you call as an option and a necessity because of the emerging technological advancements. For most that want to work in the comic industries or animation studio, for example, they don’t do traditional art any longer, artists do digital art to do their masterpiece, for the reason that their files can be easily transferred, can easily be revised and working in the digital platform is fast, but it’s still highly advised to learn traditional art because it’s a good training on its own.

What are the digital art classes? There are a ton of digital art classes around that people can find in a website called Skillshare. It’s got an introduction to digital art to skills refinement, you name it they have it.

  • 2D animation/design
  • 3D animation/design
  • Gaming animation
  • Character animation
  • Facial animation
  • Video animation
  • Digital drawing
  • Art restoration
  • Visual Design
  • T-shirt and clothing design

Skillshare is this online training website where it focuses more on skills training, it breaks the model for the reason that thru this platform, people can acquire new skills without the need for a formal school training. One of its popular offerings is with the digital art. It’s a growing necessity and a good option for traditional art if you wish to earn it, head on to Skillshare.