Most of the firms provide conference interpreting services and can provide consecutive or simultaneous interpretation depending on the client’s needs. Simultaneous interpreting is a more popular technique because it allows conferences to run at full speed, while consecutive interpreting cuts the conference speed in half because the presenter must stop regularly. Most interpreting service providers have a large number of communication equipment and systems. A good remote interpreting service provider will ask the organizer questions about the language to be translated into, the topic, audience details, and the languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat will not be translated, which will help them allocate their resources appropriately.

How to find a good conference interpretation provider?

Today, a large number of companies have high requirements for the provision of these simultaneous translation services. It should be remembered that since the profession of simultaneous interpreter is not legally recognized in most countries, the statements made are sometimes not true and can ruin a well-planned event. Therefore, it is very important to find a good interpreting service provider, as ultimately what you are translating will only be heard by potential clients / audience. Here are some tips to help you find a good interpreter service provider:

Conference Interpreting Service

  • The starting point of the search is information about the service provider in terms of its reputation in the market or word of mouth. It is very important to know that the conference interpreter service provider hires the interpreter himself or that this task is outsourced to other intermediaries.
  • The past experience of service providers can be verified and collated to organize such meetings, and it is important to note that you provide these services on an ongoing basis or as a bonus to work.
  • The details of the communication equipment used should be verified to determine the authenticity and performance of the equipment in the past. It is recommended to request the use of the microphone discussion system for the conference.
  • The next question you should ask the service provider should be the number of translators for each language. Be sure to check your professional experience, resume, and language combination. It is also mandatory to have at least two translators for each language.
  • You also need to check the breakdown of the various costs associated with SI equipment, translation fees, and consulting costs in order to calculate the different costs you pay for each sub-item.