Going through some reports of Tesla is still capable of delivering around 500,000 of the vehicle in a year. But to achieve this, it has to deliver at least 140,000 vehicles by the third quarter and a minimum of 181,000 vehicles by the 4th quarter, which is practically impossible reported from a survey. Tesla stocks have gone up exponentially after this event.

Tesla already has two manufacturing plants and planning for the third plant near Berlin. The project is under construction right now and planning to be completed by March 2021. Then by July’21, it will be ahead towards its next project that is a fourth manufacturing plant. According to some news reports, it is heard that this will be Tesla’s biggest project. This project is believed to boost the value of Tesla stock in the future.

There are many competitors of Tesla. If Tesla is going to start his project in Germany, it will be a competitor of Germany’s three main established products like Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes. This is going to be a very high competition as these three companies are the most reputed company in the country.

But, TSLA stock still holds the majority share in the market. Apart from these, there are other companies like Ford Motors and TATA Motors, which can be a tough competition for the Tesla group. Other than Germany, China will be a high competition with Tesla. This is still not going to affect the value of Tesla stock.

Ignoring all competitors, Musk is all ready to set its goals and efficiently working towards it. Tesla stock is going to dominate the market anyway.

Tesla is more focused on how to reduce the battery to discover new generation batteries, so this is planning according to that and discussing with employees, but still, it has failed to meet his goal and to satisfy the customers. Musk once said that Tesla can achieve 54% of the driving range and can reduce battery power by 56% per kilowatt-hour.

But one thing that has already been opened about Tesla is that no matter how hard it is trying, it never meets customers’ desires and expectations till now. Tesla’s stock value is growing in this process.

Recently if you are thinking of buying a stock, then you have to analyze how to do it without low risk because the situation of the stock market is as bad as lots of people are jobless out there. Tesla stock is also facing the same situation right now as it failed miserably to satisfy the customer with its services. So, this has failed at the stock market too, but still, it continuously keeps working and trying to maintain its sell. The actual buy point which Tesla is providing is 466 and which can be extended to a position at 489.30. A normal investor can invest at 445.33 initially. You can learn more from TSLA news.