Working at construction sites is dangerous and increases when it takes to the near road. The projects are getting higher and more drivers are on the road. It would help if you used a highwayguard road barrier. It is essential for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. There are different barricades that you have to know. There is a barricade that helps to avoid or limits the accidents that happen on the road.

Pedestrian barricades

Most of the time, it is used in schools, outdoor events, and parking garages to manage traffic flow. Different pedestrian barriers are made for both inside and outside use. It will control the barricade with interlocking connection points that make another link. It uses visible colors, making it easier to see at night and in different weather conditions. You can use the barricade flashers in the pedestrian barricades to enhance visibility. It is a device used to prevent pedestrians from getting to dangerous places. They should not use it for any active roadways or oncoming traffic. You must ensure that you use a pedestrian barrier where you only have to control the traffic flow. It is not being used to redirect any traffic.

highwayguard road barrier


Concrete barriers

Throughout the year, construction companies depend on concrete barriers for virtually every operation. The use of the obstacles is durable and robust, showing different potential challenges. When planning to use a concrete wall, you must know it is not portable. You cannot rearrange it will be hard and impossible. During installation, it needs ample time and effort. And most that you see in the concrete barriers are gray and will not give the drivers good visibility at night.


Traffic cones

You will see traffic cones on highways, construction sites, and active roadways. It is easier to deploy store and warn markers for pedestrians and drivers. Using road cones are stackable, durable, and lightweight. It is because it is made from polyethylene plastic. They can handle any weather conditions and direct sunlight for a long time. The cones come in different sizes and shapes. It is where you must choose the best traffic cone for a particular situation.

Other types of barriers

It is not recommended that roadside projects need cones and drums to show the lane shifts. Some construction sites can enjoy the additional barrier fence panels attached to barricades. These will give you extra protection and security. You can customize when you like to advertise your company.

Looking for the best barriers for your next project is essential. It is not only about the obstacles that give safety measures. But once you invest in different barricades, you can choose which is ideal during the project. It can help your company save money and time.