After crossing the first milestone of car travel distance, your car will need an oil change service, which is strongly recommended by every manufacturer. For this you need a reliable service station, where they will perform this servicing with ease. In fact every auto service station offers this service, as it is the most common preventive auto maintenance service that is compulsory for every car owner to follow.

But when an oil change is done for a vehicle there are certain rules that are to be followed in order to keep the vehicle health under control, and the oil change service to stay effective, informed the mechanics of the Twin Falls oil change service center. They further explained these rules that we found worth sharing.

Inspection of the Engine Components

Every reliable and authentic auto service shop will start their job of oil change after performing a brisk inspection of the engine compartment to make sure all the other components are sound and at good working condition. Even for an oil change they need to check out the gas cap, any sign of leakage and the condition of the existing oil. It is only after this phase, that they will suggest you all the other servicing that your car will need.

Replacement of Filters

When you take your vehicle for an oil change service, irrespective of the shop, you’ll be suggested to change the oil filters as well. It is so because the condition of the engine oil depends directly on the oil filters when the car is running. It is the oil filter that actually acts as a protective shield for the engine oil, against the dust and debris of the road. So, if the oil filter is worn out or overused, it will not work properly and won’t be able to keep the oil fresh and clean.

So, when you change the oil, it is the same interval when the oil filter will also come to a stage where it will lose its effectiveness, unless you replace it.

Kind of Oil and Filters toUsed

The next common rule which must be followed both by the owner of the vehicle and the mechanics, is choosing the type of oil and filter as recommended by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. So, it is necessary to ensure that the motor oil that is going to be refilled must be factory-approved and same with the filters, and other body parts of the concerned vehiclethat are decided to be replaced.

Following the Schedule

There is a definite time to change the motor oil and filter in every vehicle. The time will be mentioned in the user’s manual, and it is the duty of the owner and the mechanics as well to follow this schedule strictly, mentioned an experienced mechanic who is in charge of the oil change service in Twin Falls.

He concluded that, it is only by following this general rules that a lifespan of a car can be retained or even extended.