Venturing a house renovation can be, in a word, Daunting. You need to keep in mind thousands of things while renovating your household, which can be pretty exciting and, at the same time, highly confusing to new homeowners.

We often focus on what we should do and overlook things that we should not. That being said, if you can steer a remodeling smoothly, it can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments. So before you take on a hdb bto renovation package process, consider this list of the 4 top renovation mistakes to avoid.

  • Setting An Unrealistic Budget

The first and the most vital thing for every new homeowner is the allocation of budget. While you list your expenditures and plan them, make sure you account for everything and leave an amount to chance. Home renovation often amounts to more than you anticipate, so have at least 20% additional budget for unseen expenses, and you will thank us later.

  • Rushing the Design Process

It’s challenging to pull the brakes when you’re thrilled about an upcoming endeavor, like remodeling your living space, but you’ll perhaps regret it if you don’t take your time. Rome was not built in a day, and your renovated living space won’t either. The interior design procedure takes time to take accurate measures and contemplate the area’s overall functionality. Avert rushing the job right away.

  • Following Trends

We all get a little too eager about our new home renovations, which ends us making some drastic decisions. While experimenting with your home designs and taking insight from several online sources can be helpful, make sure you don’t lose your individuality. Being in fashion is good but being trendy just for some likes on social media is not advisable. Experts’ recommendations are sticking with something rather timeless and putting in contemporary accents or elements to bestow the best of both worlds.

  • Buying Furniture In Advance

We know how excited you are about decorating your dream house, and the simplest things to get for your new home are furniture and decor elements along with accessories. But let us warn you against purchasing them before the plan is confirmed. Wait to buy that fancied sofa set until your contractor provides you the exact proportions. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste money on a piece of furniture that you cannot even employ. Therefore you should not purchase furniture and decor till the design is completely finalized.

The Bottom Line

When you are refurbishing your house, remember the more you understand, the less space for mistakes. Understanding what you need to do and what you need to avoid is equally important. Plan everything and have a clear vision in your mind. The list mentioned above of top mistakes to avoid will help make your hdb bto renovation package experience less daunting.