The times are uncertain due to the threats of the Covid-19 virus across the world. There have been months of lockdown in some places where the virus severely affected people in the area. Washington, DC, was a region that was severely affected by the novel coronavirus. Traveling healthcare professionals came to the state from all parts of the nation and world to battle the virus.

Corporate housing Washington DC Companies and their mission to help healthcare workers

At the beginning of the Pandemic, these healthcare professionals found it hard to find safe accommodation. People were not ready to let out their apartments even for a short-term stay for fear of contracting the virus. They were away from home and mostly had to stay back in medical hostels on the premises of hospitals or clinics. Seeing the hardships these brave warriors were facing, some corporate housing companies decided to come forward to help them.

Corporate housing Washington DC Companies are now providing Covid-19 healthcare workers safe and clean accommodation even if they are in the state for a short time. These companies ensure these medical warriors are looked after well. They maintain all the hygiene standards and sanitization so that traveling front-line healthcare workers stay safe and free from any virus contamination.

Maintaining regular cleaning protocols to ensure a safe environment

Corporate housing units in Washington ensure that the following cleaning protocols are maintained daily:

  1. Their professional cleaners disinfect and sanitize every room with products that have been approved by Industry standards to fight Covid-19 till the guest checks out.
  2. For “high-touch” places, additional products have been added to disinfect them safely. This also includes electronic appliances, remote controls, door handles, telephones, countertops, and more.
  3. Before a guest checks in, all the cutlery and dishes are washed at a very high temperature in dishwashers in an effective way for proper disinfection.
  4. Towels and room linen are washed with care and special attention.
  5. Sick employees are encouraged to stay at home and not report to work until absolutely well
  6. In case the need does arise, corporate housing units ensure all their guests and employees are alerted of any potential ailing person in the community or building.
  7. Hand washing hygiene is practiced every hour.
  8. Contactless food delivery and safe keyless services are available to guests.
  9. The units are fully furnished and comply with all the requirements laid down for self-isolation.
  10. The units are blocked after the departure of the guest to ensure it is completely disinfected and cleaned. This is a preventive measure for the next guest.

The main onus of corporate housing Washington DC Companies is to ensure guests have a hassle-free and safe stay at their units. Traveling healthcare professionals and executives on trips for business can find a safe haven of peace with these units. They are cleaned and sanitized daily. Temperature checks are conducted on the staff. Guests can check-in online and only need to arrive with their luggage in hand.