Because of its extensive number of advantages, composite wood is the material of choice for decks. Tulou composite decking is the superior choice since it can be customized to the climate conditions in Singapore, which is one of the most critical considerations for decking systems. Tulou composite wood decks do not have maintenance concerns typical of previous generations of timber decking, such as cracking, warping, andcolor fading. Learn more about composite wood decking.

These concerns have been eradicated as a result of many breakthroughs in production. Tulou composites have the beauty of hardwood decking, which is rich and natural, and they also have the sturdy support substructure with a protective cover layer that hardwood decking has. Tulou composites take it up a level. Your Tulou deck is protected against termites, rotting, splintering, and warping by our industry-leading 12-year warranty, which is in line with our core principle and guiding concept that decks should withstand the test of time.

Tulou’s composite timber product lines counteract the numerous problems of natural wood flooring and other common hazardous problems of composite products, such as rotting, rotting away, splintering, color fading, termites, and poor slip resistance. Our primary focus is on providing high-quality and hassle-free solutions for your outdoor timber decking needs. Tulou’s composite timber products are available in variouscolors and styles to meet your specific preferences.

Tulou’s composite timber products are the result of research and technology that leads the industry. These products combine the same highest quality recycled wood fiberswith pure plastic resins to create skid-resistant, splinter-free decking with superior strength and durability. The result is decking that is more consistent, has a natural appearance, and is of high quality.

composite wood decking

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We are proud of the high quality of the goods we sell and the services we provide. You will find a helpful product care guide in this section that will teach you how to take proper care of your new Tulou wood deck to keep it looking its best for as many years as possible so that you may enjoy it.

However, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for detailed guidance whenever it may be necessary.


The composite wood products offered by Tulou are the result of extensive study and cutting-edge technological development. These products provide slip-resistant, splinter-free decking and have exceptional strength and durability by combining recycled wood fibers of the finest quality with pure plastic resins.