Lighting can be an important factor in a customer’s choice between different types of restaurants; in fact, the first impression is determined outside the venue!

There are those who prefer soft light for a romantic candlelit dinner or those who prefer to see several wall lamps along the walls of the rooms, to have a sense of greater depth , avoiding the creation of dark areas sketch and etch neons.

Furthermore, with appropriate lighting it is possible to enhance the qualities of the furniture and hide any defects, completing the design of the physical space, the furniture and the objects within that space.

In our opinion it is the invisible partner of good furniture. However, we must not neglect the functional needs of LED lighting for restaurants, which are very often overshadowed to favor the scenic aspect, guaranteeing good light on the table, the recognition of people and adequate light for the environment.

The choice of lights for your restaurant should therefore fall on LEDs, which are practical, economical and ecological. There are various shapes and sizes and you can choose particular lighting systems with extravagant designs and shapes, or you can simply opt for spotlights installed on the ceiling.

Traditional  chandeliers suspended above the table can create an intimate atmosphere, but the comparison in terms of efficiency with a color-changing RGB LED light would be merciless.

sketch and etch neons

The use of led strips for your restaurant could be the turning point.

A very interesting type of lighting architecture has been created specifically for restaurants: these are the so-called ” Led Strips “, a strip formed by flexible film with a series of LED diodes capable of emitting brightness.

It has modest dimensions (1.6 cm wide, 0.3 cm thick) and can be attached to any surface using the adhesive on the back. The power consumption is very low and the light emission is very efficient. This lighting solution offers an ideal result if you want to  illuminate a restaurant with a diffused and at the same time homogeneous LED light , even in places where it would be extremely difficult to apply any lamp. Comfortable  aluminum profiles for led strips could also be used for wall or furniture fixing.

Other led solutions to illuminate a restaurant.

Another solution adopted by an Italian company is called “Blade System” and includes a “Star Wars lightsaber” style lamp consisting of a continuous recessed profile, which can be applied to the wall or ceiling in order to obtain diffused lighting. indirect light.

With this technology it is also possible to choose the luminous flux and the desired light temperature (warm, neutral or cold). Presence detectors and light sensors are installed to allow further and efficient energy savings. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, however, the LED lighting system must comply with the reference legislation and must allow the kitchen staff to work with precision.