Lose weight and control your weight. Many people have problems with being overweight. They are busy controlling their weight or trying to lose weight for cosmetic reasons or simply because there is an urgent need and requirement from the doctor.

Especially in the United States, but also in other countries, the number of overweight people is increasing every year. The reason is that people need less physical effort at work and at home due to all kinds of adaptations. This is very good and very convenient, but all this convenience makes the human body alien to the environment. Namli, the human body remains the same as it was in the Stone Age.

Protein and Shakes

The theory of food and weight is so simple. If you don’t want to gain weight, you need to burn what you eat. The number of calories at the entrance should be the same as at the exit; input = output Some people burn fuel (food) faster, which is called “faster metabolism”. To stimulate this metabolism (combustion process), special proteins can be consumed. If you search the Internet, he suggests making, for example, smoothies with fruits or vegetables and adding some dietary protein. This protein stimulates your metabolism and, in the absence of carbs and fats (you only consume one shake), protein makes you burn existing carbs in your body, and if it doesn’t, it actually burns fat.

Chia Seeds for Your Health and Wellness Issues

So, this is one way to lose weight, but as you can see, this is the way back. At first, you consume too many calories, your body stores and convert those extra calories into body fat. Then, by consuming protein using the shake as an agent, you want to reverse this process.

It’s easier and more straightforward not to consume all those calories at all. Remember, if your calorie intake matches your calorie intake, the situation is ideal. However, unless you have a physically demanding job, you should definitely keep a close eye on how many calories you consume. If your appetite is stronger than you really need, you will definitely gain weight. So a very simple way to avoid this is to make your body think you have no appetite. How it works? Chia seeds!

Chia is a small hygroscopic seed that can absorb 9 times own weight in water! So if you eat (preferably at dinner) a salad or juice that contains chia seeds, you will effectively trick your body into watery chia seeds, which will make your body less prone to starvation.

This is why, as a woman, as a person, and as a food engineer, I find black chia seeds the most effective way to lose weight and most importantly, control weight.