A police check is a police record of a person’s criminal history. They can be managed for employment purposes. To identify if it fits as a nanny or babysitter, and also when it comes to adoption. A police check is usually needed by property managers and landlords once renting out homes or apartments.

National crime check declares to be the industry leader for Police checks. It also gives a broad range of background checking services. For both business organizations and individuals. The online police check application form is easy and simple to go along with. It will only take less than 5 minutes normally to finish it.

How to get a police check in Australia?

A police check can be taken by applying through either an Australian police station situated in your territory or state. Or through a government accredited provider. The Australian police clearance is a detailed, official document. Listing any criminal offenses.

The most usual purpose of a police check is for pre-employment screening. So that employers can more test the risk posed by individuals. To make sure safe environments for what are considered special needs populations. Like the children, aged, and those with disabilities.

Best Police Check Services in Australia

  • CV Check

CVCheck has been working since 2004. It is also a great supplier of background screening services in New Zealand and Australia. Organizing more than 300,000 tests for company owners, HR and talent management teams, and hiring managers every year. They give a complete list of background check services. For organizations, individuals, and companies.

  • Veritas Check

Veritas Check can be used for both companies and individuals for a National Police Check in Australia. They also offer criminal record checks for New Zealand. Through a 100% online service, they assure to give results in 24 hours.

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  • Checked

Checked is a popular name among background screening companies. It also gives National Police Checks to individuals. It also gives a variety of other checks. It includes National Police Checks for organizations.


KONCHECK is a licensed Police Checking service for volunteer, employment, and occupational licensing. KONCHECK gives national police checks for both businesses and individuals. They are currently operating on extra checks. The amazing attribute of KONCHECK is that it can manage many checks. It is also known as the most low-cost service.

  • National Crime Check

National Crime Check is known as the industry leader in police check services. Based on their website, business organizations, and individuals. That can use the company’s background screening services. These are completely online and do not need the use of postage or paper.  They advertise that 70% of the results are finished within 24 business hours. You can also have a check on your phone anywhere even if you’re on the go.