The Golf GTI series since its launch has been a people’s favorite vehicle. This is why its demand has always been on the rise and even the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI has attracted the interest of millions of people globally.

There are certain changes made to this version, which you can check out when going to Seaside Volkswagen dealership or can take a brief look below. Here, some changes made for thiscar has been stated along with a few particular specifications.

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Changes implemented for 2022 Golf GTI

The 2022 version marks Golf GTI’s eight-generation to be launched by VW. Its style has evolved and has been loaded with updated tech features that not only make every drive fun but also enhance its performing ability.

To give its exterior body a fresh new styling, VW now offers a much sleeker designed LED headlight. Along with this, the gaping style of its front lower grille and fog light incorporated in its mesh ensures that this vehicle looks fetching to whoever comes across it.

However, people who have already checked this car out in a dealership knows that the primary and most significant changes are made to its cabin design and styling. The cabin ensures that it provides people with VW’s traditional features along with modern tech traits that make driving this car more fun.

Some of the changes made inside the cabin include dual digitized displays that have been made standard now and its dashboard has also been redesigned completely.Also, its engine is now capable of producing more horsepower, 241 to be exact and torque of 273 lb-ft. It means now it provides drivers with increased horsepower and torque of 13 and 15 respectively.

Engine, transmission, and mileage

The engine equipped is a four-cylinder 2L turbocharged model and mated with a standard manual 6-speed option, while there is also an optional automatic 7-speed transmission available if an individual needs it. This vehicle offers remarkable acceleration and thus, takes only 5.1 seconds to cover 0-60 mph. If you are interested in more details about this powertrain, then opt to consult a Volkswagen dealer Salinas.

From its remarkable engine to its skillfully tuned chassis; every aspect of this automobile deserves the praise it gets. Firm feedback from its brake pedal ensures that a driver can enjoy this vehicle’s spirited driving aspect.

The mileage is being estimated to offer 24 mpg in cities and 32 mpg on highways. However, it will completely depend on the driver, roads, and driving style. Nevertheless, the owner of this car should get quite an excellent mileage.

The price of this automobile begins from $30,540 while the SE version can cost $35,290 and its Autobahn model costs $38,990. Hence, you can pick any one of these variants as all will offer remarkable performance, something that every driver will enjoy.

To get more details or simply book the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI, get in touch with your nearest dealer. They can help you out in getting the paperwork done and bring home a new VW Golf GTI.