Everyone that works in the car trade industry is required to have insurance. The best form of insurance, in this regard, is the traders insurance. It’s erroneous to think only those who buy or sell cars need an insurance cover; everyone involved in the industry should go for it, even if they’re not buying or selling cars. At least those involved in the car trade industry need a minimum of a Third-Party Insurance before they can be certified as ‘acceptable’ by the relevant government authorities.

The trader’s insurance policy will cover both the employees and the owner of the car trade business. As a result, the business will not go bankrupt or enter into debt in the event of an accident or if anything goes wrong with any of their employees while in the line of duty.

What is right for you?

There are different types of insurance policy for companies involved in the car trade business.  The known ones are:

  • Third Party Insurance
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

You can go for any of the three, but you must first determine what is perfect for your business before making your choice. Find out if the insurance policy comes with administrative benefits. Find out if it will also cover any of the vehicles and its occupants when the vehicle is used for personal proposes.

Do you provide general vehicle repairing services? Then the best form of traders insurance for your business is the Third Party insurance. You can go for this policy if you’re involved in restoring or repairing vintage cars. Bear in mind that the Third Party Insurance is the most basic among all the insurance policies listed above. Also, it only covers you for injuries and damaged vehicles.

On the other hand, you will be covered for theft and fire incident if you go for the Third party Fire and Theft Insurance policy. It is, therefore, a better choice than the Third Party Insurance, especially if you need a policy that will provide more than damage and injury covers.

Furthermore, Comprehensive Insurance is the best for you if you need a cover for more features than just auto damages and injuries. You can access full liability and comprehensive insurance coverage under the Comprehensive insurance plan.

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