Many people are convinced that cannabis only contains substances that are prohibited and / or harmful to individuals. The truth, however, is completely different, and as evidenced by recent medical and pharmacological research we know that in cannabis, and in particular in CBD, there are many beneficial active ingredients and of great help in countering various human pathologies. Take an informed decision and visit the to know more.

Returning to the discussion on the legal aspects of CBD and cannabis, it must be said that hemp is a very important vegetable from which textile fibers, materials for green building, substances useful for the cosmetic industry and essential oils such as CBD useful for medicine are obtained. and modern pharmacology.

CBD is a substance produced naturally from hemp, legal and without control by the Italian authority.

On the contrary, the THC present in hemp is a legal element only up to a certain percentage (0.2%) , beyond which it is considered illegal and punishable by law as a narcotic substance.

Several years ago no one knew of the existence of CBD oil, but today there are many people in the world who use it as a food supplement and in some specific cases as a medicinal therapy.

CBD oil

Cannabidiol, called CBD, is the second highest concentration cannabinoid found within the flowers, stems and leaves of the hemp or cannabis plant. Precisely with the passage of time more and more producers, but above all professors with their studies and experiments, have highlighted and are recognizing the health benefits, especially for the well-being of the body, through the use of CBD.

Oil containing CBD should not be confused with classic hemp oil, which is produced by cold pressing of the seeds and is an excellent natural supplement thanks to the nutrients it contains. CBD oil, on the other hand, is extracted with specific procedures through the use of CO2 or alcohol using the parts of the plant with the highest concentration of cannabinoids and cannabidiol in general, seems to be more tolerated since it does not employ the psychoactive effects with which the other main cannabinoid of cannabis, THC , is known . The CBD of the oil for this comes from medical plants or technical hemp plants that contain a permitted percentage of THC ranging up to 0.03%.