Heel pain is mainly caused by plantar fasciitis, a very common complaint that occurs due to deformations or tears in the tissue on the bottom of the foot, that is, the heel. The plantar fascia is deep-seated tissue that runs through the feet from the toes to the heel bone. Injuries, tears or deformities in the tissue lead to pain and discomfort. The pain becomes constant and does not go away without effective treatment. For this reason, most athletes fear heel pain, as at some point it can become unbearable if not treated properly, making their daily activities difficult. Technically, however, the pain will gradually develop over time and take even longer to recover. Because of this, the demand for heel pain treatment centers in Sydney is growing. Most athletes these days are conscious and seek advice from podiatrists early on if symptoms occur.

While heel pain has effective treatments for early healing, here is a list of the causes.

  • Excessive physical activity such as running and jumping
  • Overweight, which puts undue strain on the heel
  • Sports where you have to stand for a long time
  • Shoes or shoes that don’t fit
  • Age when the plantar fascia loses flexibility
  • diabetes
  • Flat feet or very arched feet

There are also many other unknown reasons that can lead to heel pain. The symptoms for everyone are quite common, such as sharp pain and inflammation.

Best Heel Pain Treatment Options

 Here are some of the most effective treatments (including home remedies) for heel pain.


In most cases of heel pain, doctors will prescribe nonsteroidal drugs. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing inflammation and swelling in the heels. Several doses of the drug in a week will help heal quickly.

Custom orthotics

Treatment for plantar fasciitis and cracked heel often involves custom orthotics. It means wearing special shoes for heel pain with non-slip soles, padded cotton socks and shoes with closed heels. It is recommended that you contact a popular podiatry treatment center that provides custom inserts or orthotics to help cure heel pain.

Ice treatment

You can cure heel pain early with an ice pack treatment, when the pain is minimal, and prevent it from becoming a chronic problem. Rolling the soles of your feet on the ice pack at least three times a day is a great remedy.

Wear a splint

Wearing a night splint will keep the pain from getting worse in the morning. The splint supports the entire foot and keeps the ankle in the correct position for relaxation during sleep.

Final thoughts

When heel pain becomes severe and continues, it is always best to consult a podiatrist and get the right treatment for heel pain in Sydney at the right time. However, home treatment works wonders when the pain is mild and slowly escalating. What you need most of all is taking care of your heels. Wear comfortable shoes and give your feet plenty of rest.