A cath lab or catheterization laboratory is considered to be an examination room present within a clinical or hospital setting. It will have diagnostic imaging equipment that will be used for visualizing the heart arteries and the heart chambers. This will help to provide appropriate treatment for any kind of abnormality or stenosis identified. In order to enjoy a flying career, one should join the best cath lab college in India that assures offering of authentic certification.

Equipment used

The majority of the catheterization laboratories are considered to be “single plane” facilities. They are the ones having one x-ray generator source along with x-ray image intensifier to provide fluoroscopic imaging. The older cath labs are said to have used cine film for recording the obtained information. However, since the year 2000, the majority of the new facilities have gone digital with their types of equipment. The current set of digital cath labs has been termed to be biplane (having 2 x-ray sources), using flat panel detectors.

Aspiring candidates eager to get into this profession will have to know the different types of equipment that they have to deal with and how they are to be operated.

Know the procedures

Cardiac catheterization is considered to be a general term used for a procedure group that is performed within the cath lab like coronary angiography. As soon as the catheter is put into its place, this can be utilized for performing various types of procedures which include angioplasty, Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), catheter ablation or electrophysiology study and balloon septostomy. Devices like pacemakers could be fitted as well as root ablation for removing plaque could be performed.

The candidates can know in-depth about the different types of procedures that are to be conducted and how the related equipment are to be used.

Education requirements

The majority of the employees are noticed to ask the candidates to display their course credentials and valid certification. Checking out with the reputed and well-established college offering such course will help the candidate to gain knowledge about the course curriculum. The students will have to attend laboratory and lecture classes. The laboratory session will also include cardiovascular physiology, medical instrumentation, as well as physical medicine principles. During the advanced level of the course, greater emphasis is placed upon specialization of the technologist. Also, is included on-campus lab work and lectures along with clinical work at hospital settings. The candidates are also required to undergo on the job training. The training can probably start during the course, or in few instances, the employer may hire the prospective technologist on work-study or volunteer basis.

Knowing clearly the educational and eligibility requirements can help the candidates to have a better edge in the course and to make their dream come true.

In short, the candidates aspiring to become cath lab technicians can get a solid base by joining the recognized college and enjoy having a great career. They can meet the necessary credentials of the prospective employers.


Those candidates who are eager to get into the profession of a cath lab technician should know the necessary details of how they can become successful. Also, they are to join only reputed colleges for completing the course.