The University of Phoenix Career Institute was founded as a part of the College of Doctoral Studies to shed light on how Americans are progressing in their careers. The University is attempting to provide long-lasting support for everyone in the workforce, not just for those who attend University of Phoenix.

The goal is to give institutions the information and insight they need to create better programs for employees both now and in the future. The Career Optimism Index™ reveals what Americans are thinking about their jobs as we move past the one-year mark of the COVID-19 lockdown. This was the first year of the study, and is believed to be the most comprehensive index of its kind.

Optimism Ahead

The key takeaway from the Career Optimism Index is that Americans are relatively optimistic about the future. Despite the lockdowns, about 70 percent of the more than 5,000 adults surveyed said they were ready for a job search if the worst came to worse, and 80 percent reported that they were highly employable.

One of the most important attributes of a successful employee is the ability to adapt when their career doesn’t go as planned. Those surveyed had confidence in their skills and were focused on the future ahead. Even after the serious challenges of COVID-19, most workers remain undaunted.

Revealing Truths

While much of the survey was positive, there were a few key findings that revealed a different perspective. About one third of people surveyed said that their career was knocked off course by the pandemic, and many felt that institutional and emotional barriers remained a threat to their career progression. Perhaps unsurprisingly, automation was also at the forefront of people’s minds especially as new tools and technology appear on the market on a daily basis.

Forty-two percent of all Americans surveyed did not see a clear-cut career path, and more than 50 percent reported needing more assistance to meet the right people and obtain the necessary skills to grow in their careers. The survey showed the Career Institute at University of Phoenix that the workers of the world are open to different programs to help them meet their long-term goals.

How the Career Institute Works

The Career Institute hopes to help the students of University of Phoenix, but its research is applicable to the entire country. When researchers put together the Index, they looked across America, not just the University’s network. The Index took into account more than 20 media markets to ensure geographical nuances would not affect results.

Whether in the form of mentor advocates or networking, providing support to people after they graduate is pivotal. The economy is always changing, and it can improve both educational and employment outcomes to check in with individuals and gauge how they feel about both the present and the future. These insights can give administrators and officials the chance to course correct, if need be.

You can find more information by visiting Researchers at the Career Institute have already committed to fielding a new study every year.

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