Many automobile enthusiasts will be aware of the recent slowdowns in automobile sales across the world, with a downward trend that started in 2017. With many people starting to use ride-sharing services, alongside increased public transport usage, dealers will be feeling the pinch.

Let us take a look at some of the trends we can expect to see in 2019.

Lightweight and Compact

One trend that we are sure to see going into 2019 is the reduction in the weight and size of new vehicles.

The weight of a vehicle has been found to have little significance when it comes to safety, meaning that manufacturers are under more pressure to reduce vehicle weights whilst using higher-quality materials to ensure the safety of drivers.

With many people looking to save money on the cost of running a vehicle, reductions in size and weight can contribute to better road economy. Since smaller cars require less powerful engines, they are also a lot cheaper to tax. You can also get cheaper motor trade insurance from companies such as

Chinese Influence in New Markets

Companies like Nio have brought out highly competitive vehicles that boast feature sets similar to other brands but without the hefty price tag. It would be good to see new Chinese manufacturers break into the saturated markets abroad, as it would contribute to a reduction in costs for the consumer. That is definitely something to keep an eye on this year if you are looking for a good-value vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Ranges

EV manufacturers will have stated ranges in their product descriptions, but this is normally subject to perfect driving conditions and careful acceleration and deceleration in order to conserve energy. Recent developments in battery technology, involving the use of graphene, have the capability to greatly extend the lifespan, range and power output of new batteries developed in the future. With the UK government having a target of “every car and van in the UK (being a) zero-emission vehicle by 2050”, which you can read more about here, this is a necessary innovation for the EV industry.

There is also the issue of further improving the availability of charging stations across the country to satisfy the demand of these many new EVs. This will need to be addressed.