Our home is not simply a place it is a feeling where each and every moment spent can be cherished for the years to come. The decoration and design of the house is what makes it look more alluring and pleasing. Beautifully decorated homes are places loved by everyone. Talking about the decoration of the house, too many bundles of ideas click to the mind where it includes decorating the walls, furniture, shelves and corners of the room.

Illuminating the home in a very distinct manner with colorful decorative pieces adds an icing to the cake. For this, the decorative material used can range from shopping handicrafts decorative items from online stores to colourful, scented candle holders online India.


Those who love to have candles placed in their rooms have different fragrances suiting the best environment. The candle collectors have their votive candles and place them with different accessories. The aroma of candles and their light makes the room look mesmerizing. Hence, there are a variety of candles that can be purchased from the online stores.

Get an elegant home decor with the ultimate types of candles-

  • Votive candles- Such candles placed on the mirror or the beautifully decorated trays look elegantly different and beautiful. Here the candles are placed in glass or metal containers making them light up the room for 9-10 hours. Such glass and metal containers do come with beautiful texture work or some decoration done on them, giving it a shine in the room.
  • Pillars- Very commonly seen candles in either round or square shape are the pillars. These candles are best for gifting with abstract designs and simple sleek sides. The glow of such candles illuminates the room, placed in the centre of a candle holder adding liveliness or romance to the room.
  • Floating candles- Varying in different realistic shapes and being very simple and easy to place in water are the floating candles. Floating near the flowers or a typical arrangement of colors in the water gives them an attractive look.
  • The tapers- The traditional types of candles that are specifically used in a candle holder are the tapers. These can vary in length and have rounded points in the end giving a space to their wicks to burn nicely and lighten the room with brightness. To enhance their look buy candle holders’ online India made up of crystal, glass or stone which adds beauty to such candles.
  • Container candles- These are generally scented candles which have the latest fragrance of the perfumes. Whenever these candles are lit, its aura can be felt in the entire place giving both the brightness as well as aromatic presence.

Candles have been used years back when there was no light and till now their importance has not vanished. People do decorate their homes with beautifully decorated candles with holders so that they can be replaced from time to time. A variety of candles in different colors can be set in a room matching the entire home decor.