What is immigration?

You can understand immigration by splitting the word. Immigration can be split as im and gration. Im means incoming. Thus, the meaning of immigration is incoming of large number of people in the country. Its antonym that is, the opposite of immigration is emigration. Emigration refers to the situation when a large number of people start leaving the country. Emigration for one country will be immigration for another country.

Reasons for immigration

Why do people leave their own motherland and go to others? The reasons can be numerous. These reasons are called push factors (that force people to move out of the country) and pull factors (that force people to move into that country). Some of the reasons are: 

Push factors include:

  • lack of essential services
  • lack of security and safety
  • high rate of crime
  • failure of crop
  • drought – scarcity of water
  • flooding – excess of water
  • poverty – scarcity of money
  • war – scarcity of peace and stability

Pull factors include:

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  • higher employment – means more job opportunities, more wealth, more prosperity.
  • more wealth – results from employment
  • better services – present due to availability of abundant wealth
  • good climate– that suits the body
  • safer – means less crime, more easy to live
  • political stability – means less hurdles to progress
  • more fertile land – means more food
  • lower risk from natural hazards – away from droughts and floods

Why you should migrate to Canada?

  • It is the biggest immigration hub for everyone.
  • Immigration rules are not very hardas compared to other developed countries, thus, easy to qualify.
  • Canada offers variety of visas for all types of people like (the employed, the businessmen, the unemployed, the students)
  • This country offers social security welfare program for immigrants as well as their families.
  • Educational facilities and health care facilities of Canada are the best in the world. They are provided at highly subsidized rates.
  • High jobs opportunities.
  • It gives the best salary reimbursements to workers with ambient working conditions.
  • A person with Canadian passport can enjoy visa free travel to many countries in the world.
  • It permits the residents to live as well as work at any place in Canada.
  • Canada provides excellent opportunities for employment and personal growth.
  • You will meet most polite people of the world. ( People will come and apologize even when you have crashed into someone’s car)
  • The nation is blessed with the wealth, social security and much more

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