Going to the sea and connecting with it in various ways creates a special sense of bliss. Its beneficial effects are not experienced only by swimming, walking and running in the sand. It is even more healing for the soul and body, if one only sits on the shore and watches the waves. Here at davies family lawyer ottawa you can get an assistance for all kinds of legal things immediately.

Seawater really is a story for itself. It contains a noble mixture of sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, or all the minerals found in human blood, that are important for the operation of each cell. As such, the sea water refreshes, strengthens muscles, stimulates circulation and heart function, tones the skin by making it smooth, relaxing by presenting the best anti-stress medication. Aerosol, or dispersed in the air, acts stimulation on the nerve endings in the skin, it acts favorably on the upper respiratory tract.

What does sea water mean for the skin?

Sea water relieves the pain in certain skin diseases such as, for example, dermatitis, and especially psoriasis. Sea salt and potassium chloride accelerate the healing of damaged skin. Due to the properties of natural antiseptics it also accelerates the withdrawal of eczema. It is also recommended as a medicine for sinuses, allergies and colds, and it acts as a good antihistamine, or opens respiratory tract. However, excessive enjoyment of the sea and sea waves can lead to drying of the skin, which makes it necessary to regularly shower and apply the appropriate creams.

What else does seawater help with?

Salty seawater, for example, helps with irritation of the nasal mucous membrane or sneezing due to allergic reactions and colds. In order to get rid of these problems, you need to breathe in sea water through one nostril, and then release the water from the other nostril, whenever a chance arises. The feeling is not very pleasant, but it disinfects the whole nasal cavity. People with enlarged veins should get into the water up to half of the thighs and walk for half an hour, at least twice a day. Massage due to movement and action of water tightens and strengthens the veins. If the sea is shallow, it is useful to walk along the shallow waters. Also, rinsing with sea salt water is the true balm for women who have inflammation or increased vaginal secretions. They just need to get off the public beach and find the cleanest sea.

Why are we more relaxed when near the sea?

While sitting or walking along the seashore, we breathe the sea air rich in negative ions. These ions promote the oxygenation of the whole organism. The energy they emit leads to psychological and physical improvement, which is why they also call it vitamins from the air. In addition, one of the most important trace elements coming from the sea is iodine. Sea salt and algae are the real treasury of this mineral. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones that affect many processes in the body. They control the rate at which the substance is exchanged in the body, but also at what speed the matter decomposes and the newly formed compounds are incorporated into the cells. If there is a lack of iodine in the body, there may be cramps in muscles, edema, cold hands and feet, general weakness, brittle nails, dry skin, and even depression. And there are other serious diseases that occur if this condition persists longer.