Slip and fall accidents are seemingly simple enough; most of them embarrass you more than they injure you. However, you can sometimes end up with a severe head injury or broken bones that disable you for a long time. You may fall down the stairs at a friend’s house or slip on a wet floor at the Memorial City Mall in Houston.

As a slip and fall victim, you may have to suffer more than the pain caused by the injuries. There are medical bills to worry about, not to mention the rehabilitation and recovery expenses and the lost wages and distress and trauma caused by the disability.

If you slipped and fell not because of your negligence, it is not your fault, and you should immediately contact a Houston slip and fall lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve. Although you have 90 days after sustaining the injury to report the matter to the authorities in Houston, it is not advisable to wait that long.

Lawyers will Prove your Financial Losses

To enable you to get the compensation that’s due, you have to prove your financial losses. It is not enough if you prove that you sustained injuries due to the other party’s negligence.

Your Houston slip and fall lawyer will prove in the courtroom that you are making a reasonable claim that’s proportionate to your loss to help you get the maximum compensation. You have to necessitate the help of a lawyer who has handled many such cases and who can quickly identify and portray the losses directly caused by accident. The lawyer’s skill and experience help them monetize intangible losses like the trauma caused by the pain.


Vital Evidence to Prove your Case

Once a slip and fall lawyer takes up your case, the onus is on them to identify, collect and collate the evidence to support your claim. Insurance companies keep their interests in mind and never accept claims for damages.

There are more rejected claims than the ones that received compensation in Houston. Even if the insurer reluctantly agrees to pay out of court, the settlement won’t match the loss incurred. Hence, it is crucial that your slip and fall lawyer takes up your case and presents it with irrefutable evidence they are adept at collecting.

Filing your Case in the Courtroom

A reputed and experienced Houston slip and fall lawyer will file your case in Houston district court if an out-of-court settlement doesn’t seem to work out in your favor. The insurers will refuse a fair payment, and legal recourse is the only option left.

Your slip and fall lawyer knows their way around the Houston courts and knows how to prepare for the pre-trial process. The motions need to be filed after collecting the relevant evidence. Presenting a slip and fall case strongly helps improve the chances of winning the compensation due to you.

If the opponent and the insurance company realize that your lawyer means business, they may opt for an out-of-court settlement even after the trial commences. Most slip and fall cases in Houston tend to settle without formal court proceedings.

Such a settlement can help save time and money for all parties, and the victims get their due, which allows them to prepare for the rehabilitation process that could take months of therapy and counseling.

Summing it Up

Slip and fall accident claims are prevalent in Houston’s public business and workplaces as well. It takes an astute lawyer to present your case from the proper perspective. While an offer of immediate settlement from the insurer can be tempting, it is advisable to consult a slip and fall lawyer in Houston before taking any decisions.