The state of South Dakota is strict with its DUI or DWI rules. You must call a DUI attorney who is an expert in the court proceedings and help you avoid extreme penalties.

The punishment for DUI can go up to a $2000 fine or one year in jail, or both depending on the degree of the offense. The license of the driver will also be suspended for one year after the verdict.

The case is not the same for someone who has committed multiple DUI offenses. That scenario would lead to a felony conviction, and the consequences linger for a significant amount of time.

When Should You Call a DUI Attorney?

If it is your first offense, you may be able to manage without a lawyer’s defense. Court proceedings can be complex to understand, and having a lawyer by your side is always a safer bet.

The lawyer will be able to study the scene and the evidence, after which he/she can make a case for you to receive the least penalty or drop the charges altogether, based on the situation.

If you have multiple convictions, you should have an expert lawyer’s counsel because these cases are handled very seriously and could land you in jail.

You should call a DUI attorney in case the police offer pulled you over for no legal cause. Also, if the officer arrested you without any proper legal procedures, then the evidence gathered against you during that arrest will hold no value.

If you believe that some other factors in play landed you in this position, it is wise to call your lawyer and discuss the matter. DUI convictions affect the future of the concerned person. Employment and insurance costs will get very challenging. So, you must take the right steps quickly.

How Can a DUI Lawyer Help?

A DUI lawyer will understand your case from a new perspective. He/she will be able to collect evidence that would have the power to affect the results of the case. Since the implications of a DUI conviction are intense, it is always better to take your best chances.

An expert DUI lawyer will have the necessary knowledge to truly understand a DUI case in a way that no one else can. They have studied and been a part of all kinds of DUI cases. Therefore, they know what steps to take so you can face a mild punishment or no punishment at all if your situation isn’t too extreme.

You can call a DUI Attorney, especially when you are unsure about the DUI rules in the state of South Dakota. If you want to learn about the penalties, the blood alcohol content limits, possible outcomes for charges, etc., it’s best to have expert guidance.

It is not a surety that you will be able to drop the charges but taking into account what is at stake, and it is always wise to have an attorney to defend you. Even a slight relaxation in the sentence will make a big deal of a difference.