According to CPM Group, 56 percent of silver is being used for industry, 33 percent is being used for jewelry and silverware, and 11 percent is being held as investments. Because silver is in such high demand for product manufacturing, it would be wise to consider acquiring some as an investment.

Coins are a common way to stockpile silver for investment purposes. That begs the question of where to buy silver coins. Additionally, in this brief guide, you will learn the benefits of silver coins and how to determine their value. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Coins?

Like gold, silver to be kept as an investment usually comes in either bar or coin form. By definition, coins are legal tender, whereas bars are distributed purely as bullion. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but they do differ.

Silver coins are an excellent option because they lie at the cross-over of investors and coin collectors. Their intricate designs make them beautiful pieces to own.

Do keep in mind also that pre-1965 American coins are 90% silver. These coins are highly collectible and sought after, as well.

Where to Buy Silver Coins

There is a wide variety of ways to buy silver coins, but some are untrustworthy and may leave you a scam victim. Purchasing silver that isn’t certified, for instance, such as from a non-reputable dealer or a sketchy pawn shop, could leave you with silver that was wrongly valued or, worse, not genuine.

It is critically important, therefore, that you buy from reputable sources, sources like American Precious Metals. At APM, you can count on fair prices, quality silver, and excellent customer service.

Determining Value

The first thing to consider is the value of silver itself. The value of silver fluctuates constantly. It has a smaller market than gold, so it is especially volatile due to lower market liquidity, as well as changes to the supply-demand situation.

On any given day, even minute, use this calculator to see where the value of silver lies. Keep in mind that it is subject to sudden change, though changes in the short term are usually minor. You can observe line graphs to discover bigger trends in the long term.

That is to determine silver coin melt value, but the coins in coin form are likely valued higher. To better determine silver coin value, you should seek professional appraisal.

American Precious Metals is also in this line of work. Their team of experts uses decades of experience to help you accurately determine value should you buy silver coins or sell silver coins.

Start Investing Today

Now that you are equipped with some knowledge of silver investing and where to buy silver coins, start your own investment.

Silver coins provide an excellent means of acquiring bullion in a way that is both fun and beneficial. Silver will always be a hedge against inflation, and the growing demand for it in manufacturing means it will only continue to be highly sought after.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today and use APM’s services to guide you on this journey!