Buying used items can be a better alternative because you can save money by doing so. However, sometimes merchants conceal defective things as good ones, which might result in an unfair transaction.

FA Maker is the leading dealer of used process equipment in the southern hemisphere, with a reputation for providing excellent service and a wide selection of products.

We are among the leaders in the industry due to our extensive workshop facilities and broad skill set.

FA Maker Services: Shipping Worldwide

All of our accessible machinery can be shipped to any location on earth. We are able to load shipping containers on-site or have custom export boxes created. Numerous products have been shipped to every continent.

Equipment Hire

In addition to a reconditioned filter press, vibrating screen, varied pumps, electric motors, stainless steel tanks, and other used equipment that may be rented on a regular basis, we are constantly expanding our inventory of used equipment that can be rented. Almost all of the secondhand industrial machinery in our inventory is available for rental. Additionally, we offer a try-before-you-buy service for select second hand equipment australia, allowing you to be confident that the equipment will perform the required task.

Pre-Purchase Evaluation of Machinery

second hand equipment australia

Before you decide to purchase, you are able to test our machinery at our workshop facilities, giving you peace of mind that the machine is capable of doing your desired task. Prior to purchase, you can come and observe the machine in operation and even run a sample through it.

Service and Rebuilds for Centrifuge and Decanter

Both Westfalia and Alfa Laval centrifuges and decanters can be completely serviced and rebuilt by F.A. Maker. Our industry specialists perform all of the work, which is covered by a warranty.

Equipment Leasing

We have formed a good relationship with a company specializing in second-hand equipment leasing. Please contact our staff to discuss this more and obtain an estimate for the inexpensive pricing we can provide.

Purchasing Goods

If the machine is not in stock, we will attempt to locate it for you. We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the business and can locate virtually any sort of machine you may be seeking. Please contact us via our wanted page or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Sell your equipment

If you have equipment that you would want to sell, please let us know so that we can provide you with an accurate second-hand market valuation. There are a variety of choices open to you: we may acquire the machine directly, we can list the machine on consignment at no cost to you, or we can auction off your machinery on your behalf. Our experts can discuss with you the finest choice available. is available for purchases and other information.