I have been through LED light for many years. As a result, I have gathered a lot of ideas and techniques that will help you maximize your investment. You may know a little about lighting. We know the same thing as in the past, we used HID complex lighting systems for internal expansion operations, and now a lot of people are turning to the LED factory lights.

We list the benefits of using LEDs for growing plants. We will also tell you what you need to think when buying LED lights.


If you are new to the HID vs. LED debate or have been informed for some time. Compared to using older HID lighting technology, here I list the main advantages of using LED lamps.

  • Less energy – This is one of the best things about using LED growth lights. They eat only a little energy. This can save a lot of electricity.
  • Easier to install – LED arrays and lighting units are generally easier to install and use. Some versions do not need ballast – just a simple exit.
  • More time – You know that the LED lights will continue for at least 100,000 hours, which corresponds too many years of growth. This means that you can use LED lighting for a long time. Save your money and your time.

There are many other benefits to using LED Grow Lights; you can read the benefits to learn more. Now, let’s look at some practical tips and suggestions. If you decide to buy lighting systems online, you must keep them in mind.

  • Go Higher – If you are using HID lamps in the past, now you want to use LED lamps, we recommend going bigger. For example, you have 800 watts HID set up; you should think about 1200 watts for the new LED lighting system. The good news is that excess energy does not require additional fans or equipment.
  • Light Control – Another aspect that you should consider is the type of light that reaches the plant. For example, more blue light may be better at an earlier stage of growth, while switching to more red lights may be useful during other stages of plant growth, such as budding samples. You will spend a little more for a quality LED light that it offers. Or you can get one with the largest amount of different types of light programmed into the LED array or product.
  • Light Power – Understanding the right power to use for your inner growth operation is important if you want to have a good harvest. If your operation is small, between 90 and 120 watts may be enough, but because of the low power of LED lamps, you may want a little more. For example, the range of 180-360 watts is more than anywhere from a few plants to several sets of plants.
  • Life Cycle – When you buy LED lamps, you can get the best price. When you sit down and think about the life cycle of the LEDs for how long they can work, you will see that you are spending little more initial funds and you will get high quality LED lights. They work for thousands of hours many years of growing time.
  • Shapes – From UFO design styles to traditional panels, you can go in many different styles. Please go for something that fits into the growing environment of your plant. For example, you have a factory in a small area, a wide range of LEDs is a huge waste.